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Venice and islands


Venice presents itself in all its beauty thanks to its beautiful natural conformation and its magnificent history. Venice is a historical and natural heritage, but also human, of great value. The Venice lagoon is very important, has protected over time the historic town from the barbarian invasions and Turkish and helped in times of trouble. Needless to say, an 'experience in the Venetian lagoon, also the shortest, will turn into a jump in the past, in a search of the essential values. Depending on your available time you can visit most historical reconstructions and choice of routes to follow.



It is perhaps the most famous island in the lagoon of Venice. Here was concentrated 's glass industry, an' art which is traditionally handed down from father to son. Inevitably then a visit to the famous kilns, where it is processed glass, and the Basilica of San Donato. In addition, with only 15 walk you can visit the glass museum.



Located about thirty minutes from the previous is still Pellestrina with an active fishing village. Here the visitor will find one of the most typical atmosphere of the lagoon of Venice, both the human and urban. The lace will give way to discover the secrets and wonders of "the most noble and the most Italian of laces." Burano is also can be sent for its picturesque colors.

Having a bit 'of time, you can get there from the main square (by water) to the charming island of San Francesco del Deserto surrounded by countless cypresses. Here you place a Franciscan church that will take you to visit.



It 's the old capital of the Venetian lagoon. Isolated between deserted sandbars, some ten minutes by boat from Burano. Until the sixteenth century it was one of the earliest and most prosperous towns in the lagoon. Now, remember a 'long-gone era, are two jewels: the' ancient cathedral and the church of Santa Fosca. They also visit the Museum of 'Estuary with important historical artifacts (closed Mondays), the Devil's Bridge, one of the most' ancient, legendary Attila's throne el 'austere tower, from which you can attend one of the most beautiful landscapes of the lagoon.