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Trips on the lagoon

Chioggia and Sottomarina
Chioggia is a populous and bustling seaside town, which has history oozing from every stone. It has a very original: sliced by canals, laced by bridges. Its narrow streets, all perpendicular to the main square, the classic image of fish bone. This particular conformation is derived the nickname "Little Venice".

Walking through the streets and bridges you can enjoy all the charm and elegance that transmits the city: the Venetian style buildings that overlook the canals, characteristic boats Chioggia called "Bragozzi" with their colorful sails, the fish, the Corso del Popolo, Churches, Museums and Monuments, Vigo Square with its beautiful bridge.

It almost seems to go back through the centuries, and at the time of the Doges of Venice. Not surprisingly, during the summer season, is staged Il Palio La Marciliana: historic absolutely not to be missed!
You can make excursions in the lagoon of Chioggia, during the day or in the evening through the canals aboard historic boats and typical of our city such as the "Bragozzi." With the same boat you can reach the fort of San Felice di Chioggia at the dam or the island of Pellestrina.

Trip with a stop in ChioggiaIn recent years, thanks to the development of the artistic and cultural heritage, the city officially acquired the title of "Chioggia: city of art".
Chioggia is a walk along the Corso del Popolo, its main avenue, from where a "fishbone" the streets and bridges that hold it together. Venetian-style buildings that overlook the channels where they are moored.

From Hotel Sole is possible to reach Chioggia, as well as the public bus stop which is of departure and arrival is outside the hotel, even with the bicycle. In fact, at 20 mt. from our hotel begins a beautiful bike path that runs along our beautiful beach, through the center of Submarine he dwells on the Union's Island Bridge that connects Sottomarina to Chioggia to flow into the living room of the historic center of Chioggia: Course of the people.

Trip on the Laguna del Lusenzo
It is a place away from cars and smog, can be covered by up to Submarine Chioggia and vice versa. There are benches, green areas where you can soak up the sun and the magnificent view of the lagoon, ideal for a bike ride and jogging.